Flat Park Bench

Made from 100% recycled plastic, our Flat Bench meets the demands of the rugged outdoors without sacrificing comfort and style.  Ideal for memorial bench programs (memorial plaques are available).  Available in our standard colors of gray, black, brown, tan, blue, and yellow. Black supports standard. Stainless steel fasteners. Custom colors available, please request quote.  Download a print-ready PDF on this product with full specs.

4 ft Flat Park Bench

Item Number: FB04
2 sets
: 124 lbs

5 ft Flat Bench

Item Number: FB05
Supports: 2 sets
Weight: 124 lbs

6 ft Flat Bench

Item Number: FB06
Supports: 2 sets
Weight: 185 lbs

8 ft Flat Bench

Item Number: FB08
Supports: 3 sets
Weight: 222 lbs