Floating Docks

With a variety of configurations and sizes available, floating docks are quickly becoming a popular choice with waterfront homeowners.  Our 100% Recycled Plastic Floating Docks bring you the superior marine-worthy qualities of our recycled plastic marine decking material with the versatility of  a dock which can provide limitless options for all water depths and types.  Floating docks particularly perform well in areas where extremely deep water makes it difficult to drive pilings, where a soft, mucky bottom threatens the stability of a fixed dock, and where there are significant fluctuations in water level.  Floating docks can be anchored with deadweight anchors, galvanized pipe or pilings in the water or with cables, chains or stiff-arm pipes on land.

All of our floating docks are made to your custom specifications. Please call for a quote and more information on what options are available. As with all of our products, our floating docks are non-leaching, non-toxic, chemical, and petroleum resistant.